Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Random Thoughts - Take 2

So this is my second attempt at blabbering... err... blogging indiscreetly and indiscriminately. For reasons unknown to me, I don't know when, how and most importantly why, Random Thoughts churned into Road Bloke. Being the avid reader (of blogs) that I am, I realised, Random Thoughts was probably the second most used blog title after "heyitsme<my_name>". Hence I decided to chuck Random Thoughts for "Ramblings of a Dysfunctional Mind" - which however is used by at least 2 bloggers in the same form and some 18 variations (until I quit counting) from an equal number of bloggers. Ain't I glad that the 28 minutes I spent thinking of a Blog Title yielded so few results! I feel I've attained my "intellectual-high" of the week by coming up with that title.

Now, the question rattling your mind right now is, just what the hell do I need a second blog for and what do I intend to write in that. Before I answer these questions let me assure you that I've not gone the psychic route for getting it right with my predictions. That question is really genuine and the only answer I can think of right now for the former question is that it sounds very verbose to say I write two blogs! Plus, every blogger has at least 2 or 3 blogs. So why not me? Plus it's free. Plus... ok I will stop now. To answer the latter question about what I intend to write, I believe as a intelligent reader you must have figured it out by now. Anybody who happens to be my unfortunate Facebook friend knows that I rant a lot. Let me say that again - A LOT. Well here's another way to get deluged by my rants and that too in the longer format of the game. No Escape.

There are however little things - nice things - that I would be blogging about. But just like the glorious Indian Media, 90% of the content would include negativism, sensationalism and absolute crap. So without any further ado let me set the cat among the pigeons!

Picture Coutesy: Despair.com


  1. Welcome to the second world buddy..
    always venting out the thoughts..the blogs provides a perfect platform..there by increases the vacuum in our thoughts to fill with more and more valuable piece of information..

    I wish you all the best..and keep writing, keep churning more..

  2. Thanks Sri.
    With avid readers like you its always a pleasure to write things Im passionate about.