Monday, September 17, 2012

101 Things To Do Before I Kick The Bucket

We all have our bucket list before we actually kick the bucket. I have too and after a lot of consideration and few cuttings, choppings and editings, here's my list of 101 things to do before I die. The list is in no particular order. The only order is in the chronology of the items that crept into my head. The ones that are struck are obviously the ones that I've already accomplished. Also, all the items in my bucket-list are not so fetched (except a few), just so that I can hope to complete the list.

1. Visit a foreign country
2. Trip to Andamans
3. Learn Archery
4. Month-long Backpacking trip in India
5. Meet Rahul Dravid in flesh and blood.
6. Go on a cruise
7. Play Paint Ball
8. Get recognition for my blog
9. Get a LASIK surgery done
10. Experience Thrisoor Pooram
11. Witness Kumbh Mela
12. Take part in Jagannath Yatra
13. Skydiving
14. Get my face smashed in a Tomatino Festival in Spain
15. Run for my life in San Fermin festival in Spain
16. See Jallikatu in Tamil Nadu
17. Tame a bull in Ongole Bull Taming
18. Attend a Rock Concert of one of my favourite bands
19. Bungee Jumping
20. Snorkelling
22. See a Snake Boat Race in Kerala  Accomplished Aranmula Snake Boat Race
23. Attend a Kambala event Witnessed a Kambala in Jappina Mogaru, Mangalore
24. Himalayan Trek
25. See the Great Coral Reef
27. Strawberry picking
28. Skiing in the Alps
29. Learn Swimming
30. Bullet riding in Ladakh
31. Lakswadeep stay
32. Visit at least 10 countires in EU
33. Stand on top of the world's tallest building
34. 500+ km biking trip one way
35. See the world's tallest waterfall
36. Niagra Falls from US and Canada
37. See an active Volcano
38. Go on a Desert Safari
39. Help a blind man see again
40. Sponsor an underprevillaged child
41. Watch F1 racing
42. Attend an NFL/NBA match
43. Learn horse-riding
44. Take up shooting as a hobby
45. Gift a Platinum ring to my wife
46. Drive in the Autobahn
47. Drive a H2
48. Earn a salary 20 times more than my first salary before I retire
49. To stay a night in a tropical rain forest
50. Ride in a helicopter
51. Watch all movies in IMDB's all-time-best-250 list.
52. File an RTI application
53. Learn Pottery
54. Gambling in Las Vegas
55. Go on a House boat in Kerala
56. Stay in a Tree House
57. Get drenched in Cherapunjee in the monsoons
58. Go cycling up a hill
59. Ride a Harley Davidson
60. Live in at least five different countries
61. Get snowed!
62. See Taj Mahal
63. Stay in a palace.
64. Be my daughter's best friend
65. Go fishing
66. 1000 posts in my travel blog
67. Get high on Marijuana
68. Visit Maldives
69. Watch a cricket WC Final
70. Go on a trip on impulse, totally unplanned.
71. Stomping Grapes
72. See Mardi Gras
73. See Rio Festival
74. Beer drinking in Oktober Fest in Germany
75. See a Soccer WC Game
76. Visit every State and UT in India
77. See the Grand Canyon
78. Eat a Michelin Star Chef's Signature dish
79. Donate Blood
80. Have a personal Library with atleast 100 non-pirated books
81. Sleep in a hammok in an exotic beach
82. Get a Tatoo
83. Have Bhang
84. Party in a night club in Europe till 3AM
85. Watch a Grand Slam match in Centre Court
86. Pyramids of Egypt
87. Wine-tasting in Napa Valley
88. Castle hopping in Scotland
89. Host a barbeque party for friends
90. Ride on the Amazon River
91. Run (and complete) a marathon
92. Gondola ride in Venice
93. See the Japanese Gardens and Temples in Japan
94. Long drive in the US West Coast
95. Go Zorbing
96. See a Theyyam performance
97. Witness an Indian Airforce Air Show
98. Visit Bhutan
99. White water Rafting
100. Re-marry my wife
101. Complete the list

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  1. Super buddy..I really like the effort you put in to list out the things..

    If we know the list..we can buy the groceries goes the proverb!!

    Will do so many things..we hope to do so many things..will list out of so many things..all these for ourselves..

    the top of 101 lists which is meant for the society, and for our heart tops the list.

    The following is my personal fav.

    39. Help a blind man see again
    40. Sponsor an underprevillaged
    64. Be my daughter's best friend
    100. Re-marry my wife...

  2. Thanks Sri. I seriously plan to complete everything on the list :)

    Cant wait to see yours!